Why YaRa Eye Care?

Our Story

Yara Nehme is an "opticienne-lunetiere", both a licensed optician and an optometrist, who studied in Paris. Her passion, expertise, and desire to seek new horizons and perspectives set her apart in the optical business. She founded Yaraeyecare in June 2006 as a boutique eyewear shop reflecting her vision and personality.

Our Edge

Trendy, fashion oriented and always in the air du temps, Yara eye care shop became along the years one of the trendiest and most innovative optical shops in Lebanon.

The avant-gardist choice of collections and the excellent optical service (including full eye examinations, contact lens fitting, and great aftercare) made this eyewear concept store a reference boutique for all those who are searching for reliable and unique eyewear.

In a region still oriented towards well-known brands we stands out to fight for independent and creative brands, promoting them as the must-have of the season.