ESSEDUE Italian Fashion Sunglasses

Every frame by ESSEDUE is an excellent product, a family jewel, to which is dedicated the attention in the designing process, the cure for the colors and in the manufacturing process.

A frame signed by ESSEDUE represents a true passion for design, the meticulousness during the production, and the total assistance to the optician by the company. The soul style of the Essequadro family lives in every eyewear created by ESSEDUE.

ESSEDUE is an eyewear dedicated to the eyewear lovers. It is not considered as an object, but rather as an apparel accessory, scilicet: to see and be looked at!
It is made for the opticians and their customers that wear it, lovers of beauty. It is an eyewear that mixes glamor to high quality, and it blends color madness to young and innovative lines, keeping the shapes easy and clean.